Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open my Aroma?

The AROMA series of grinders, the grinders have a unique Lid opening system. They have been designed to open in two simple steps.

Top plate

See video

Simply lift the top plate of the grinder directly upwards and off. Twisting, clamshell technique or rocking will hinder the function.

Bottom plate (AROMA-3 only)

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Like a clamshell, pivot open the bottom plate or remove by lifting upwards.

How do I clean my Aroma?

Generally a bath in hot soapy water will remove any residue built up over time.

Avoid any harsh chemicals as this could ruin the Stainless Steel finish.

Please remove the bearing before any liquid is applied to the lid. (We have a bearing install/removal tool to help with this)

How do I use the bearing tool?

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