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Please see video here of operation with no lid magnet:



62.5MM/2.5INCH Diameter.


Replaceable bearing. (Skateboard Bearing)

No metal on metal rubbing while grinding.

Easy to grip thanks to the unique flat side design.

No anodizing/ceramic coatings to chip and end up in your grind.

CNC Machined from Medical Grade (304) Stainless Steel.

Super sharp teeth that will stay sharp. 

100% Australian manufactured (and proud of it)

Designed, engineered and CNC machined in house at Old Mate Designs HQ.

Built on customer feedback.


Old Mate Designs YouTube channel HERE!

FC Forum thread HERE!

VA Thread HERE!

420 Vape Zone review HERE!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Lewis Bennett

I was hesitant to spend this much on a grinder (& international shipping) having only had ones from local 'corner' shops in the past - however I feel that this was money well spent and excellent value. It is a really nicely finished piece and functions incredibly. I have found since using it that I'm getting better results from my vaporiser as the improved grind quality crates better air flow, and the raised magnet in the centre works nicely for lightly tamping herb in ariser glass stems after filling. Great customer service (added the bearing tool after the initial order and before shipping) and I wish I had bought the grippy boys too, for a little extra protection when I take it out and about. Not that I think this hefty piece of steel needs it. Will be keeping an eye on future designs/releases!

Best Grinder I’ve Used!

This thing is absolute tops! Grinds material with little to no effort even if you keep it at a higher humidity, the teeth are sharp and the top turns easily. The bearing is not only functionally awesome but also just really fun to play with. The magnet is really strong and able to hold up the entire hefty grinder, and this thing is hefty!
Overall really happy with this purchase, amazing quality and performance plus being Aussie made is just the icing on the cake!

Outstanding design, engineering, and execution.

There is nothing else like this on the market. I'm pretty picky about stuff, and I always feel like I can improve upon or make a better version of something...and I have no notes here. It's perfect.

Ben Puckett
The hype is real!

I have arthritis in my hands/fingers, so I have trouble with my grip. I was looking for new grinder that would be easier on my hands, besides a coffee grinder. THIS GRINDER HAS BEEN A GAME CHANGER! After loaded, a couple turns and it will almost spin freely due to the weighted head and bearing. The magnetic center over a thread design is a big plus too for me. It’s QUALITY too! Heavy and very sharp! Just don’t drop it on your foot! 😂 I LOVE THIS THING!!!

Anthony Sanders
Amazing Quality

This is the creme de la creme of grinders even better then the other top dog we all know. The craftsmanship on this piece that he made me was absolutely phenomenal. Sharp blades and the top grinder is so presice it seconds as a fidget spinner lol Im spinning it non stop it's so smooth and heavy. The magnets are strong as hell to. All around 10/10 this is the new king of grinders IMO. You won't be disappointed.